Monthly Archive:: November 2014


I’m getting some pieces finished and am starting to tally my stash for sale. Getting exciting!    Lots of Hot Pads! I thought I’d try putting things on the hot pads. So far the Fried Egg and Toast is the most popular.                Acorn Leaf Leaf Patterns from Fearless

Non-felted Slippers

My mother is turning 90 on Saturday, so she already has everything she needs. Why not make something? It may or may not last – she tends to shuffle down the hallway, but that’s alright. I found a pattern for slippers that only called for two needles (I haven’t gotten the grasp of 3-5 needles


Here is the flyer for the Craft Fair I’ve been working so hard toward:   Shunning mass produced fare in favor of handmade goods Who: Local Artisans and Craftspeople. Many Many bakers from the church. What: Handmade goods and tasty baked goods for your purchase and enjoyment. Christmas is closer than you think! Where: St