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Curtain Update

A lot has happened in the last two years – obviously. I finished the colorful curtain and am still working on the peacock curtain. I’ve also tried to branch out from just Hot Pads and Dishcloths. I’ve started making some fingerless gloves (wrist warmers) that sell well at the Craftacular. The last Craftacular in 2018

Curtains for the House

Not that I haven’t been busy with crocheting and knitting for the next Craftacular, but I really want some new curtains for my kitchen. I decided filet crochet was what everyone else was doing, so why not? Some time ago I had started this multicolored piece not knowing what I was going to do with

In June of 2016…

I crocheted a baby blanket or two for people having babies. This one was made with baby weight yarn, but would be a better size if made with finer yarn. I found this pattern in an old crochet magazine that I don’t think is put out any more.   Then I made another one in

Fall Is Here and Gone

I’ve been crazy busy knitting dish cloths and crocheting hot pads for the upcoming Craftacular (Nov. 21-22). And because that’s not enough I’ve also finally finished a shawl that is waiting to be blocked I hope it will be much wider once I’ve blocked it.           This was a very fun

I’m Still Here

It has been quite a while since I’ve posted.  Justed wanted to let you know I’ve been busy all this time. The latest that has happened is that my IT guru has updated my web site which meant I had to repopulate all my posts with my pictures again.  Also, it made the update date

Prayer Shawl

I belong to the prayer shawl ministry at church and recently I’ve just finished a shawl and it is immediately needed. This is my latest shawl that went to a woman who lost her son. I felt the shawl was full of power and hope she feels the strength of the prayers in it. red

Long and Lean Jacket

This is a knit project I started a couple years ago … before I really knew how to knit. I frogged (unraveled) the whole project this year and started over, and am so glad I did. I have been wearing this jacket non-stop as the weather has finally gotten warm enough to do so. It’s

Canyon Shrug Finished!

This was a wonderfully simple pattern to work up for a friend. The pattern can be found on the Lion Brand Yarn Company under Crochet Canyon Shrug                   Back View of Shrug                              

Winter hats

I have been busy with my needles and hooks, but just not good about sharing what I’ve done. So, I’m starting to catch up today. I made a crochet hat for a friend with his yarn. It is my favorite crochet hat pattern from Ellen Gormley, called the Driftwood Cap. It can be found in

Finished order of 4 shawls

And in the nick of time. These are being given as Christmas presents today from a friend to the women in his family. They get to fight over who gets which one. I would be apt to take one, but remember the others and when I needed to borrow one… BurgandyShawl BlueShawl First Shawl to