Shawl Archive

Fall Is Here and Gone

I’ve been crazy busy knitting dish cloths and crocheting hot pads for the upcoming Craftacular (Nov. 21-22). And because that’s not enough I’ve also finally finished a shawl that is waiting to be blocked I hope it will be much wider once I’ve blocked it.           This was a very fun

Prayer Shawl

I belong to the prayer shawl ministry at church and recently I’ve just finished a shawl and it is immediately needed. This is my latest shawl that went to a woman who lost her son. I felt the shawl was full of power and hope she feels the strength of the prayers in it. red

Finished order of 4 shawls

And in the nick of time. These are being given as Christmas presents today from a friend to the women in his family. They get to fight over who gets which one. I would be apt to take one, but remember the others and when I needed to borrow one… BurgandyShawl BlueShawl First Shawl to

Still busy with Craftacular orders!

The Craftacular was a success. I had doubled my inventory from last year and so increased my sales from last year. That’s the point – right? I received one order and am getting ready to put it on the needles. In the meantime I am completing an order from this summer and one I received


I’m getting some pieces finished and am starting to tally my stash for sale. Getting exciting!    Lots of Hot Pads! I thought I’d try putting things on the hot pads. So far the Fried Egg and Toast is the most popular.                Acorn Leaf Leaf Patterns from Fearless


I have been making a particular kind of shawl for the last year. I made one – completely against the directions (only I can read simple directions and proceed to do them backwards) – for myself and garnered 6 orders for more. By the third shawl I had my act together. Grey shawl Then I