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Curtain Update

A lot has happened in the last two years – obviously. I finished the colorful curtain and am still working on the peacock curtain. I’ve also tried to branch out from just Hot Pads and Dishcloths. I’ve started making some fingerless gloves (wrist warmers) that sell well at the Craftacular. The last Craftacular in 2018

Curtains for the House

Not that I haven’t been busy with crocheting and knitting for the next Craftacular, but I really want some new curtains for my kitchen. I decided filet crochet was what everyone else was doing, so why not? Some time ago I had started this multicolored piece not knowing what I was going to do with


Here is the flyer for the Craft Fair I’ve been working so hard toward:   Shunning mass produced fare in favor of handmade goods Who: Local Artisans and Craftspeople. Many Many bakers from the church. What: Handmade goods and tasty baked goods for your purchase and enjoyment. Christmas is closer than you think! Where: St

Welcome to Knittor

This is my first post, so bear with me while there’s still such a steep learning curve. This site will show items I have knit and crocheted. Many of the items will be available for sale. Most items may be ordered per your specifications. I love knitting and crocheting items to be useful. So, at