Curtain Update

A lot has happened in the last two years – obviously. I finished the colorful curtain and am still working on the peacock curtain.

Colorful Curtain
Filet Stitch curtain catching the light
Peacock Curtain in progress
Filet Stitch Peacock Curtain

I’ve also tried to branch out from just Hot Pads and Dishcloths. I’ve started making some fingerless gloves (wrist warmers) that sell well at the Craftacular.

The last Craftacular in 2018 wasn’t as successful as previous years – there are only so many hotpads one needs to buy and my congregation (where the Craftacular is held) have all bought at least two. I bought a little Christmas tree and made a bunch of snowflakes which sold well, but not for a whole lot of profit.

I make a lot of shawls, which I like, but shawl wearing apparently hasn’t caught on in the non fiber creation world. It could also be the mindset that craft fairs should sell stuff for cheap – as in your time isn’t worth anything. Education in this area is still needed. As everything becomes more expensive it’s hard to keep in mind that homemade items take time and are not mass produced.

I will keep crocheting and knitting, because I like to and if I can sell some of my goods along the way I will be happy.

Christmas tree with Snowflake ornaments
Christmas tree with snowflakes and ornaments
Curtains for the House

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