Curtains for the House

Not that I haven’t been busy with crocheting and knitting for the next Craftacular, but I really want some new curtains for my kitchen. I decided filet crochet was what everyone else was doing, so why not?

Some time ago I had started this multicolored piece not knowing what I was going to do with it, but now I think it will go in a small window. This picture is just one skein’s worth of size 10 thread. I will need another skein and then some. It’s crazy, but there is a pattern in there. This picture is about 6 rows short of the full pattern.

Filet crochet colorful curtain

Multicolored crazy patterned start of a curtain using size 10 thread.

Then I got really ambitious and decided to do a huge peacock curtain for the large window. I figure if I do a row a day I will be finished in less than a year – not much less. It’s actually going really well and I still enjoy doing a row each evening – when I’m not working on three other projects!

Start of peacock curtain

Peacock pattern with just the bottom part started

Peacock curtain - a bit more done

Progress on the curtain

Working on two project with size 1o thread I’m finding my hands aren’t so happy with me.  I need to stop and exercise them every once in a while so they don’t completely cramp up.

Curtain Update
In June of 2016...

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