Fall Is Here and Gone

I’ve been crazy busy knitting dish cloths and crocheting hot pads for the upcoming Craftacular (Nov. 21-22). And because that’s not enough I’ve also finally finished a shawl that is waiting to be blocked

Summer Shawl

I hope it will be much wider once I’ve blocked it.






SelfStripingCowlThis was a very fun project I got from Kickstarter. The yarn is from Vice Yarns and the pattern came with the yarn. Hard to tell in the photo, but, once blocked, it will be a cowl.

I will be going back to viceyarns.com and buying more. It was very fun to knit.  They also have more patterns to go with their different color ways.




So, now I need to start making snowflakes like crazy. Yep, that’s what I need to do…what’s this? new yarn I bought from the Twin Cities Yarn Hop?  Well, let’s do that instead.

HighPlainsDrifterInProgressThis is called High Plains Drifter by Mary Lou Egan that I got from The Yarnery. There is a pattern for both a knit version and a crochet version. I’m doing the crochet version, and per usual can’t quite follow simple directions, so my final pattern looks just a bit different from the picture that came with the pattern.  I like it.  Close up it gives the appearance of being more 3D.

The yarn was also specially made for the Yarn Hop. It’s from Three Irish Girls and is a sock weight yarn that is 100% merino wool – yum.


Really, I will get some snowflakes done in the next three weeks – between work, and class and my brother coming to visit from California (which means house cleaning like crazy before he gets here). Ya, I’ve got time!

Go check out all the different patterns I’ve made on the dish cloth page.

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