I’m Still Here

It has been quite a while since I’ve posted.  Justed wanted to let you know I’ve been busy all this time.

The latest that has happened is that my IT guru has updated my web site which meant I had to repopulate all my posts with my pictures again.  Also, it made the update date the date of all my posts.  I’ll try to backdate them as I recall when I might have originally posted.

So, here’s what’s been happening since my last post:

Working backwards in time: I got a job working a 6 month job at the Courthouse downtown St. Paul which may or may not come to a close in one month – my supervisor is unclear when it officially ends. I have been mostly unemployed for the last 2 years after being laid off from a 10 year job which I really enjoyed. The Courthouse is a beautiful work of architecture and I try to look around and take pictures when I can

Courthouse Front This is the front of the Courthouse.  Inside, each floor has different wood and marble from 18 countries.  The building is 18 stories high.

The main figure inside these doors is the Statue of Vision of Peace

Statue Of Peace

Right after I started this job I also started taking classes towards a Paralegal Certificate. At my age it’s really hard to make new terms stick, but I seem to be doing well enough to take another class.  Granted, at this rate it will be about 3 years before I get my certificate…

Unfortunately around this time, my cat, Luther, died. He had lots of cancer and was the bravest cat ever.  He will be missed


On the knitting and crocheting front I’ve been very busy. I was asked to make two baby blankets for one friend and two baby blankets for another.

Mikko's Blanket I made two of these the same for his summer day care. This is a copy of his original “blankey”, but they are smaller so they don’t drag on the floor as much.

CottonBabyBlanket PurpleWhiteBlanket

These two were for my other friend who had family members getting ready to have babies.




So now I’m getting ready for this year’s Craftacular and am making hot pads and dishcloths like crazy. I’m also hoping to add a few other items like baby blankets and cowls, but it will all depend on my classwork.

I will try to keep up with posting from here on.

Fall Is Here and Gone
Prayer Shawl

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