I’m getting some pieces finished and am starting to tally my stash for sale. Getting exciting!

IMG_20141028_090858 IMG_20141120_085704 IMG_20141120_085645

Lots of Hot Pads! I thought I’d try putting things on the hot pads. So far the Fried Egg and Toast is the most popular.

IMG_20141011_092314   IMG_20121117_065335







Acorn Leaf

Leaf Patterns from Fearless Knitting                                                                        Maple Leaf

Leaf Shawl
I learned how to knit from a book (yes I did) and this is one of the lace patterns that they said could be turned into a scarf. I had some yarn that I thought would be nice and set out to do just that. Turned out nicely, in my opinion. Next time I might make sure I have more yarn to make it longer.

Still busy with Craftacular orders!
Non-felted Slippers

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